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学生党通病,英语不会怎么会?学不进去怎么办?记不住怎么办?特此小编整理了些许英语作文句式及主题素材,希望对大家有所资助。英语作文:80句高频短语及句式小结1. 随着经济的繁荣【with the booming of the economy】2. 随着人民生活水平的显著提高【 with the remarkable improvement of people's living standard】3. 先进的科学技术【advanced science and technology】4. 为我们日常生活增添了情趣 【add much spice / flavor to our daily life】5. 人们普遍认为【It is commonly believed that…】6. 我同意前者(后者)看法【 I give my vote to the former / latter opinion.】7. 引起了广泛的民众关注【Sth. has aroused wide public concern. / Sth has drawn great public attention.】8. 不行否认【It is undeniable that…】9. 热烈的讨论/ 争论【a heated discussion / debate】10. 有争议性的问题【a controversial issue】11. 就我而言/ 就小我私家而言 【As far as I am concerned, / Personally,】12. 有充实的理由支持 【be supported by sound reasons】13. 双方的论点 【argument on both sides】14. 发挥日益重要作用【play an increasingly important role in…】15. 对…必不行少【 be indispensable to …】16. 正如谚语所说 【As the proverb goes:】17. 对…发生有利/倒霉的影响 【exert positive / negative effects on…】18. 利远远大于弊 【The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.】19. 导致,引起【 lead to / give rise to / contribute to / result in】20. 庞大的社会现象 【a complicated social phenomenon】21. 责任感 / 成就感 【sense of responsibility / achievement】22. 竞争与互助精神【 sense of competition and cooperation】23. 开阔眼界 【widen one's horizon / broaden one's vision】24. 学习知识和技术 【acquire knowledge and skills】25. 经济/心理肩负【 financial burden / psychological burden】26. 思量到诸多因素【 take many factors into consideration】27. 从另一个角度 【from another perspective】28. 做出配合努力 【make joint efforts】29. 对…有益【be beneficial to / be conducive to…】30. 为社会做孝敬【 make contributions to the society】31. 打下坚实的基础 【lay a solid foundation for…】32. 综合素质【 comprehensive quality】33. 致力于/ 投身于 【be committed / devoted to…】34. 应当认可 【Admittedly,】35. 不行推卸的义务 【unshakable duty】36. 满足需求 【satisfy / meet the needs of...】37. 可靠的信息源 【a reliable source of information】38. 名贵的自然资源 【valuable natural resources】39. 资源掩护 【resource protection】40. 利便快捷 【convenient and efficient】41. 在人类生活的方方面面 【in all aspects of human life】42. 环保的质料 【environmentally friendly materials】43. 社会进步的体现 【a symbol of society progress】44. 大大利便了人们的生活 【Sth has greatly facilitated people's lives.】45. 对这一问题持有差别态度 【hold different attitudes towards this issue】46. 在一定水平上 【to some extent】47. 理论和实践相联合 【integrate theory with practice】48. …一定趋势 【an irresistible trend of…】49. 日益猛烈的社会竞争【 the increasingly keen social competition】50. 眼前利益 【immediate interest/ short-term interest】51. 久远利益【long-tem interest】52. …有其自身的优缺点【 … has its own merits and demerits / pros and cons】53. 对…有害 【do harm to / be harmful to / be detrimental to】54. 交流思想/ 情感/ 信息 【exchange ideas / emotions / information】55. 跟上…的最新生长 【keep pace with / keep abreast with the latest development of…】56. …的康健生长 【the healthy development of…】57. 重视 【attach great importance to…】58. 社会职位 【social status】59. 把时间和精神放在…【上 focus one's time and energy on…】60. 扩大知识面 【expand one's scope of knowledge】61. 身心两方面 【both physically and mentally】62. 有直接/间接关系 【be directly / indirectly related to…】63. 导致许多问题【 give rise to / lead to / spell various problems】64. 可以替代think的词 【believe, claim, maintain, argue, insist, hold the opinion / belief / view that】65. 缓解压力/ 减轻肩负 【relieve stress / burden】66. 优先思量/生长… 【give (top) priority to sth.】67. 与…比力【compared with…/ in comparison with】68. 可降解的/可剖析的质料 【degradable / decomposable material】69. 取代 【replace / substitute / take the place of】70. 注定要【 be bound to】71. 反映了社会进步的 【mirror the social progress/advance】72. 增进相互相识 【enhance / promote mutual understanding】73. 充实使用【 make full use of / take advantage of】74. 蒙受更大的事情压力【 suffer from heavier work pressure】75. 保障社会稳定和繁荣【 guarantee the stability and prosperity of our society】76. 更多地强调【 put more emphasis on…】77. 适应社会生长【adapt oneself to the social development】78. 实现梦想 【realize one's dream】79. 主要理由枚举如下 【The main / leading reasons are listed as follows:】80. 我们另有很长的路要走【 We still have a long way to go.】英语作文:经典话题及素材整理1.正直老实利益:enable honest person to succeed in work and life. 【使老实的人在事情和生活中取得乐成】to work honestly to attain one’s life goal. 【老实地事情以到达一小我私家的目的。

】to enhance reputation of a country.【提高一个国家的声誉。】2.坚持:(乐成)利益:it can be a tremendous momentum pushing the country’s development【它可以成为推动国家生长的庞大动力】When equipped with willingness, spurring people to overcome any difficulty and conquer any challenge.【当有意愿时,激励人们克服任何难题并战胜任何挑战。

】3.献爱心利益、意义:Contributing money and other necessities to people in need is a goal way to express human love. It reflects the sense of social responsibility.【向有需要的人捐钱和其他必须品是表达人类爱的目的方式。它反映了社会责任感。】It also expresses a feeling from deep with one’s heart.【它也表达了一种深深的感受。】A harmonious society is based on a sound relationship,【和谐社会建设在健全的关系基础之上,】4.文化交流利益:cultural exchanges can enhance international friendship.【文化交流可以增进国际友谊。

】people can acquire better understanding of each other.【人们可以更好地相识相互。】can also greatly benefit the countries and stimulate their own social development and culture prosperity.【也可以大大有利于各国,刺激自己的社会生长和文化繁荣。】5.交通事故Traffic accidents have long been a problem and are becoming a severe problem【交通事故一直是个问题,而且正在成为一个严重的问题】原因:many drivers are forced to drive days and nights【许多司机被迫日日夜夜开车】a lot of people drive after drinking alcohol【喝酒后许多人开车】6.繁荣、人口问题、解决问题thrive/boom/flourish/blossom【兴旺/激增/发扬光大/着花】the awareness of struggling for one’s life is essential to the young man【为年轻人而奋斗的意识对于一小我私家的生命至关重要】parents indulge children in consumption with an objective outlook on money【怙恃以消费的客观展望着迷于消费儿童】7.都会生长与历史传承a balanced economic development is not accompanied by sacrifice of history.【平衡的经济生长并没有陪同着历史的牺牲。

】historical sites are the treasure of our country’s glorious past. We must figure out a win-win method to promote sustainable development while retaining our cultural heritage.【历史遗迹是我们国家辉煌已往的名贵财富。我们必须找到一种双赢的方法来促进可连续生长,同时保留我们的文化遗产。

】8.身体康健、磨炼、心理问题、减肥、知识分子to develop good health【生长康健】to keep regular exercise【要经常运动】to make more contributions to the society【为社会做出更多孝敬】to make do with bad diet【用欠好的饮食来做】to neglect sports and exercise【忽视运动和磨炼】9.职业道德及素质类该种别主要包罗:虚假宣传、冒充伪劣产物、排队、拍手、文明言行、文明交通、谦虚、宽容、医患矛盾、药品回扣诚信、豆腐渣、家庭作坊卫生、跳槽与商业秘密。the sanitation problem of family workshops【家庭作坊的卫生问题】the promise of one’s own responsibility is like a method of cheating, and is quit against professional morals【对自己卖力的答应就像是一种欺骗,是违背职业道德的。】low-quality products【低质量的产物】the ignorance of sanitation【对卫生的无知】short of occupational disciplines【缺乏职业纪律】the false commercial advertising and promotion【虚假的商业广告和促销】10.事情就业前途该种别主要包罗:高薪、 加班、技术、学历、自立自强、创业。

to display talent and capability;【展示才气和能力;】to be of real service to fellowmen and the country;【为同胞和国家提供真正的服务】to feel guilty in front of parents and family supporters;【在怙恃和家庭支持者眼前感应忸怩;】to encounter discrimination on the basis of sex or height or even birthplace;【遭遇基于性别或身高或甚至出生地的歧视;】to despise jobs of lower social status and less income;【藐视社会职位较低,收入较低的事情】to avoid the possibility of working in the rural areas【制止在农村地域事情的可能性】to find (searchhunt) the right career;【寻找(搜寻寻找)正确的职业;】11.情况掩护、动植物掩护该种别主要包罗:掩护森林、水污染、汽车尾气、沙尘暴、温室效应、节约资源、垃圾污染。the exhaustion of resources;【资源枯竭;】pollution from industrial production transform many clean rivers into undrinkable water.【工业生产造成的污染将许多洁净的河流酿成了无法饮用的水。】the convenience brought by cars, their harmful impact on the atmosphere.【汽车带来的便利,它们对大气的有害影响。】garbage output, such as plastics and glass.【垃圾输出,如塑料和玻璃。

】deforestation Global warming, current greenhouse effect remains out of control【砍伐森林全球变暖,现在的温室效应仍然失控】human exploitation of natural resources【人类对自然资源的开发】12.“问题”学生该种别主要包罗:教育、上网成瘾、上网结交、青少年犯罪、 小我私家隐私、出国留学、 知识学术欺诈、 望子成龙, 拔苗助长、 应试教育素质教育 、考试作弊 、相互攀比、 名牌、 浪费、 课业肩负、 恋爱 、兼职 、占座、 8090后 、富二代、 校园旅游 、教育平等 、独生子女、 农民工子女、 创新 、迷信、 溺爱To concentrate limited resources on creative talents, or elite;【把有限的资源集中在创意人才或精英上;】Enable students to possess better job skill;【让学生拥有更好的事情技术;】prepare students for future employment;【为未来的就业做好准备;】to enhance the quality of population;【提高人口素质】to promote scientific and technological level;【促进科技水平;】to prepare one for a better and more meaningful life rather than a job;【为一个更优美,更有意义的生活做准备,而不是事情】one-child policy【独生子女政策】migrant workers;【农民工】impartial education opportunities【公正的教育时机】overwhelming homework;【压倒性的作业;】quality education【素质教育】a comprehensive renovation【全面翻新】13.人生价值该种别主要包罗:创新、 勇气、 奋斗、 勤俭 、高瞻远瞩、 奉献、 浪费、 社会公德 、幸福观 、勇敢 、得与失、 正直老实、 持之以恒 、拼搏的奥运精神 、念书。To be fair and upright; honest person;【公正正直; 老实的人;】economical and simple life; to learn to be frugal;【经济简朴的生活; 学会节俭】success derives from persistence; Olympic motto, read more books【乐成源于坚持; 奥运座右铭,阅读更多书籍】14.情感友谊、团队互助、让座 邻里、献爱心show love; provide assistance to others; teamwork and cooperation; selflessly offering help【示爱; 为他人提供资助; 团队互助; 无私地提供资助】contributing money and other necessities to people who are in great need eager to donate money to charity【向急需向慈善机构捐钱的人们提供资金和其他必须品】15.交流文化该种别主要包罗:中西方文化、 民族文化、 老外过春节 、老外学书法、 学英语、 都会生长与历史传承。a balanced economic development is not necessarily accompanied by the sacrifice of history.【平衡的经济生长纷歧定陪同着历史的牺牲。

】participating in the annual celebration of the Chinese spring festival【到场中国春节的年度庆祝运动】practicing Chinese calligraphy 【训练中国书法】cultural exchanges; acquire better understanding of each other;the traditional Chinese culture.【文化交流; 更好地相识相互;传统的中国文化。】pass down culture habit and treasure; absorb and assimilate traditional culture; reserve and spread brilliant diverse culture; be under the threat of extinction; be in great danger【传承文化习惯和珍惜; 吸收和吸收传统文化; 保留和流传多元文化; 处于灭绝的威胁之下; 处于危险之中】16.人口增长、 人口质量、 小学生肥胖、 养老与老龄化、 性别比例population aging; outdated and abandoned; to improve the living condition of the aging population ; to respect and appreciate the aged; to provide safety and happiness【人口老龄化; 过时的和被遗弃的; 改善人口老龄化的生活条件; 尊重和浏览暮年人; 提供宁静和幸福】the number of males outweighs that of females;the population growth is almost out of control, the humans to live is increasingly circumscribed.【男性人数凌驾女性;人口增长险些失控,人类生活受到越来越多的限制。

】17.家庭关系该种别主要包罗:家庭关系、 养老、 啃老。Young people are used to relying financially on their families【年轻人习惯于依赖家庭经济】18.社会热点该种别主要包罗: 建立和谐社会、 学术糜烂 、可连续生长、 抗争救灾众志成城、 交通旅游 、国际化、 堵车 、宠物、 农业 、酒后/疲屈驾车 、黄金周旅游。

traffic jams;the successful launch of the shenzhou-6 spaceship, our national strength and scientific competency.【交通拥堵;神舟六号飞船的乐成发射,我们的国力和科学能力。】traffic accidents; drive days and night with little rest; drive after drinking alcohol【交通意外; 白昼和黑夜都很少休息; 喝酒后开车】to keep domestic animals; to make family life more colorful and rich; to develop sense of responsibility and caring;【饲养家畜; 使家庭生活越发富厚多彩; 造就责任感和眷注意识;】to make people feel closer to the natural world; to spread disease and pollute living environment; to waste time and money; to scare and hurt people, kid and the aged alike【让人们感受更靠近自然世界; 流传疾病,污染生活情况; 浪费时间和款项; 吓唬和伤害人,孩子和暮年人】19.执法等该种别主要包罗:正当致富、 经济生长、 科技生长、 网络、 电子交通、 传媒、 动车。

get rich by legal means; be entitled to wealth and prosperity; stimulate people into hard working; reduce the gap;【通过执法手段致富; 有权获得财富和繁荣; 激励人们努力事情; 缩小差距;】help the poor with better opportunities; make big money illegally; make this society insecure【以更好的时机资助穷人; 非法赚大钱; 使这个社会不宁静】网络利益:share individual viewpoints and insights; enable better and more efficient interpersonal communication;【分享小我私家看法和看法; 实现更好,更有效的人际交流】enjoy equal right t personal opinion;【享有平等的小我私家意见;】网络坏处:reveal and spread rumors; occupy and waste net space; follow trend and fashion; help distinguish between right and wrong;【揭破和流传谣言; 占用和浪费净空间; 追随潮水与时尚; 资助区分是非;】offer proper guidance; check and restrict unhealthy content; create a clean and safe environment; mislead children by indecent content.【提供适当的指导; 检查和限制不康健的内容; 营造清洁宁静的情况; 误导儿童的不雅内容。】以上英语作文短语句式及经典话题素材,有需要加关注小编哦。




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